Chris Jeakle

A Computer Science Student at the University of Michigan
Interested in Machine Learning (and Other Hard Problems)

Welcome to my Website!

About Me:
  • I am studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan.
  • Right now my focus is on honing fundamental skills with classes like EECS 381 and EECS 482. I am also getting involved with research through my senior thesis on a CAPTCHA variant.
  • I began this site in my spare time while my housemates and I were between internet providers. Now I update the site from time to time to showcase things I am up to and stuff I am working on.
  • How I spent my Summer:
  • Working on a video game named "Maze and Blue", which my group started in EECS 481. The game is designed to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve coordination and communication skills.
  • Working on some personal projects, just for fun (such as this site!)
  • Working full time as an intern at Thomson Reuters.
  • Want to find out more or see my resume?
  • Head over to the about page and send me an email.