No easter eggs here :(

Chris Jeakle

A computer scientist interested in solving cool problems


Hello, World!

Hi there, I'm Chris Jeakle. I studied Computer Science at the University of Michigan, and am currently working on specialized ERP software.

About me:
  • I enjoy climbing, hiking, reading, video games, and building the occasional project.
  • I took up indoor bouldering in late 2015, and it quickly became my main hobby. I'm finally breaking back into V4 routes after some time away from the gym!

What I'm up to:
  • At work I'm building an SDK and developer tools. I also contribute improvements to our core product when the opportunity arises.
  • At home I'm building some fun projects.
  • Along with all that, I'm learning some cool new things.

Want to reach out or have a cool project in mind?
  • Feel free to stop by the about page and send me an email.