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Chris Jeakle

A computer scientist interested in solving cool problems


My Projects

Writing Projects in Rust

started in 2022

In 2022, after years of hearing and reading about Rustlang, I decided it was time to try using it.

So far, I've only dipped my toes in. As always, I started by writing a sudoku solver (but with a fun twist, this one is parallelized and wicked fast!). I'm also working on a simple tool to monitor latency on my home network and watch for outages.

ML: Hot or Cold

started in 2020

ML: Hot or Cold is machine learning model that classifies water as hot or cold from the sound of pouring (in practical terms the model was fed data where >= 175℉ was hot and <= 75℉ was cold).

This project is an effort to use skills from's excellent MOOC, and was inspired by an NPR piece on the sound water makes when poured at different temperatures.

Additionally, this project is a liberally licensed example of sound classification using fastai as a wrapper around torch. I did some digging while working on this project, and ended up relying very little on other people's work due to licensing concerns! To help others, I liberally licensed this project and took a detailed log of my development process.

View the build log and code on GitHub.

Rebalance Calc

started in 2016 & refactored in 2020

Rebalance Calc helps users maintain a target asset allocation across all of their accounts. The tool takes tax efficiency into consideration, and automatically suggests the types of trades needed to stay in line with the target asset allocation.

The "about" button on the website provides a good use case summary, and the "how it works" button outlines the exact procedure the tool uses.

I've been continually improving this tool, and recently finished a substantial refactor. Feel free to take a look at the new features list in the GitHub README, there's a lot of cool new stuff!

View this project's code on GitHub.


started in 2014

Nouncaptcha was created for my undergraduate honors thesis. It was an effort to build an alternative to text based CAPTCHAs, such as reCAPTCHA, with considerable focus given to ease-of-use on touch screen devices.

Designing a usable, theoretically secure CAPTCHA proved to be an enthralling challenge!

View this project's code on GitHub.
My undergraduate thesis on Nouncaptcha.  (direct link to the pdf)

Tons of other stuff

These projects are just the highlights! I'm often trying new ideas, but not all of them warrant a write-up here. Stop by my GitHub to take a look at other stuff I'm building.

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